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Grotto Management

Magic That Lasts A Lifetime

Grotto Management

Corvenieos provide the widest variety of Christmas Grottos in Ireland. Our Grotto Management services provide all you need to run a successful Grotto experience from Grotto Design, animation, props, launch entertainment and more.

Grotto Services
Grotto Services

Why Choose Us

Grotto Design

We Design, Craft and build our grottos creating a bespoke and unique Grotto experience.

Grotto Management - Santa

Santa and Elf Team

Our Santa and Elf teams help create a magical experience for all and leave lasting memories.


Our animated props and scene sets add a magical touch to each Grotto display.

Grotto Management - Photography


We provide high quality photo and printing services to make that important Santa visit last a lifetime.

Grotto Management - Entertainment

Launch Entertainment

Santa's arrival is a pivotal part of opening a Grotto and we provide entertainment to suit.

Grotto Management - Presents


Our Santa Gifts are hand picked and tested to provide the highest quality gifts nationwide.

Christmas Gallery

Christmas Gallery